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Date: March 25, 2024
How LED Lights can make your home an aesthetic haven!

Design is truly defined by light and shade. Light can enhance the atmosphere of your home by elevating the mood, calming your soul, and allowing you to be the most productive version of yourself. The role of lights is increasing in interior design since they can transform a simple home into a space worth featuring in magazines with just a flick of a switch.

LED lighting has revolutionized the lighting industry because it is small, solid, energy efficient, and long-lasting when compared to traditional incandescent bulbs..

Aside from lower maintenance costs and increased safety, most LED bulbs have a lifespan of nearly 60,000 hours and consume 90 percent less energy than their traditional counterparts.

The significance of LED lighting is becoming multi-dimensional, and with the right blend of light, you can make a room warm, inviting, and cosy.

Benefits of LED lighting for Your Home

Save Energy

LED lights provide up to 90% more effective lighting in comparison to incandescent bulbs. That’s a significant difference, and it saves energy and money on your electricity bill.

Moreover, unlike incandescent bulbs, the energy from LED bulbs is primarily used to generate light, which is environmentally friendly.

Colour Code

LED light bulb colour codes determine a variety of temperatures. The colour codes range from soft white to bright daylight.

Soft white LED lighting is ideal for the home’s bedroom environment. This colour is good for sticking to a regular sleep schedule and getting the recommended 7-9 hours of quality sleep.

Warm white LED lighting is ideal for the kitchen and bathroom. It illuminates the area to prevent accidents when using sharp objects, like touching hot pans in the kitchen, reading in the study room or applying make-up in the bathroom.

Dim Lights

Having a child’s bedroom to be suitable to sleep in without turning off the lights to avoid darkness, which scares the daylight out of the child. LED bulbs enable homeowners to reduce the intensity of light in their rooms.

Married couples seeking a romantic atmosphere can create the desired room aura by using LED light dimming to reduce light brightness. These lights help to save energy, time, and money on your electric power consumption.

Safe to Touch

Incandescent bulbs waste 90% of their energy, while CFLs waste 80%. To avoid getting burned, allow these bulbs to cool before replacing them. CFLs and incandescent bulbs may be inexpensive to purchase, but they are expensive to maintain and pose health risks

LEDs Light bulbs excel at converting 90% of energy into light. You can touch and hold an LED light bulb that has been on for 24 hours without getting burned. As a result, LED lights are considered safer to use at home.

5 Ways to Use LED lights to Enhance your Living space

  • Night Lights

Use LED lights in your bedroom instead of traditional night lights. These lights help to make a design statement in the space above or below the bed. LED lights with a dimming switch can help control the brightness or change the colour depending on your mood.

  • Back lit glass

Backlit glass is another way to incorporate LED lights. Kitchen spaces with colourful acrylic glass can use LEDs to create a beautiful contemporary look. It adds colour and drama to the room..

  • Colourful Hallway

Not a fan of photo frames or wall pieces in your corridor, consider installing LED light strips. Choose a colorful LED installation for a wall free of embellishment. LED lights are also a good choice for dark corridors because they create the perfect ambiance.

  • Linear Strips

Linear LED light strips are ideal for small spaces. To add a touch of glam to the living room, place a strip horizontally below the raised wall panel. The linear light strips draw attention to the room’s upward and outward aspects, making it appear larger to the eye. Using LED lights for the shelves in the living room can add more details to your accent wall. It will create an eye-catching display to showcase your prized possessions.

  • Architecture Details

Highlight the various architectural details of your exterior and interior space with LED lights. These can include a staircase, accent walls, garden planters, or a terrace bar. Another popular LED lighting technique is to highlight the cove ceiling. It adds a touch of style while drawing attention to the architectural features of the ceilings.

Make your Home Aesthetic Haven with AV Modular

Beautify your home with AV Modular

LED lights are a great way to add some punchy details to your house’s interior and exterior spaces, especially after learning about their benefits and advantages. Now is an excellent time to switch from traditional fluorescent lights to LED lights to create an aesthetically pleasing interior with AV Modular.

Choose one of these bright light ideas based on the room and its décor to create a new mood in your home. AV Modular offers a variety of LED lights in various shapes and sizes to illuminate your living spaces. These lights are suitable for use as street lights, in parking lots, and in outdoor scenes. They are economical, environmentally friendly, and fashionable, allowing you to get what you want at a low cost.

So, invest in LED lighting today to save money, time, and energy in the future. Do you want to upgrade to LEDs? Visit the AV modular website right now!


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