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Date: March 25, 2024
AV Modular, home to modular switches, frames & accessories launches LED Lighting products

The definition of modern living is loosely defined by surrounding oneself with cutting-edge technology, electrical appliances, and other smart devices. However, some things are left out of sync and symmetry with the overall arrangement of an enclosed living space. Electrical switches are frequently forgotten and mismatched with everything else on a house or office wall. People upgrade switches by purchasing a premium-looking switchboard, and that’s about it. We tend to forget the most important aspect of switches is the design and colours that can help enhance any living space.

The lights are another crucial part of great living. A single term, used anonymously, has become intertwined with our daily lives. Lights have advanced and gone a long way, from being dependent on natural light to control our sleep and work patterns to combining advanced types of lighting to create minute elements in each area. Thoughtful house lighting can transform a dark space, improve décor, emphasize corners, and create a welcoming ambience.

AV Modular is where style meets reliability and is designed to provide convenience and safety for users. Most importantly, modern designs allow everyone to become an artist and interior designer in their own way to beautifully fit with the aesthetics of their home.

Modular Switches from AV Modular 

Modular switches have long been present in our spaces. Electrical switches, are extremely important to construct a home just like any other components. Moreover, they are convenient, safe, and simple to use, in addition to many other benefits. The most modern modular switches are exquisitely designed and come in a variety of finishes, materials, styles, colours, and sizes to add to the interiors of your space.

Of course, today’s modular switches are a visual marvel, with anti-weld designs, shuttered sockets, hidden screws, flame retardant polycarbonate, spark shield features, and much more. They are completely safe because they are manufactured in accordance with industry standards. AV Modular is a prominent brand of electrical goods based in India, that offers a wide range of modular switches that are crafted to perfection in the truest manner.

Refined engineering is combined with the finest technology to provide top-notch quality, reliability, and longevity. The entire AV Modular switch offers rich features like a robust build, modern design, metal and wooden frames, and an array of colours, These switches and frames are also designed to offer top-notch safety and convenience to the user, whether at home, in the office, or in any other living space.

Let’s take a look at AV Modular’s whole line of modular switches.

Aqua Switches

AQVA Series is all about class & elegance. It perfectly fits everywhere.

The AQVA line offers a wide range of colours that are sure to brighten your ambience.

With glass finish frames, you can have the quality look for all of your walls at an affordable price. These frames are built solidly with a sense of engineering and design for everyday lifestyle.

ARC Switches

ARC series is elegance personified, the slimmest of all the frames designed and built with the precision that you can’t take your eyes away, making it the perfect partner for homes or offices.

Adaptable with AQVA, ARC, and AURA switches.

Strong frames & switches with elegant design, and ideal for those who go with bold colours.

Sleek wood Series 

Sleek wood frames add an elegant touch to the surroundings, creating a wonderful contrast. And, as the name implies, they are sleek and stylish, exactly what your home needs.

In the Sleekwood line, AV Modular offers a variety of colours and combinations to meet your needs. They’re stylish and suited for both wooden and metal concealed boxes.

The Sleekwood line is ideal for any home because of its curved design, exclusive wooden colours, premium aesthetics, easy installation, and no maintenance.

Woodlinc Frames

The Wood-linc series is designed for wooden boxes and works with our AQVA, ARC, and AURA switches. These are vintage frames with retro styling. They are available in a variety of colours to choose from to décor your wall.

Lighting Advancements with AV Modular 

Lighting is unquestionably the most important aspect of interior design. Even if your space is adorned with the finest art pieces and high-end furnishings, it will not seem spectacular without proper lighting. Lighting sets the mood of the space and also gives a welcoming feel to the visitor. The selection of LED  lights is a difficult task when all factors such as room size, furniture, walls, curtain fabric, and floor are taken into account, and AV modular offers robust and reliable lighting solutions for everyday use and place.

Avion & Avalon Batten Light

Avalon LED light has a compact design built on heavy aluminium construction. Avalon is designed for heavy-duty use, with high-quality drivers on the sides. It is suitable for applications where you need something that will last for years. Avalon is ideal for homes, schools, malls, workplaces, stores, hotels, resorts, hallways, and hospitals because it offers one of the best balances of function and longevity in lighting.

Aristo & Avenue Floodlight

Whether you want to illuminate an elevation or an industrial space that needs complete brightness, AV Modular’s floodlights excel at producing high brightness effectively. This high brightness, along with high-quality parts and terrific build quality, ensures that you get a reliable floodlight.

Enhance your outside space with the help of our strong floodlights for various outdoor applications.

Altra Streetlight

Amstel/Altra streetlights provide exceptional brightness for lighting streets and exteriors. LED streetlights are more efficient and stronger than sodium streetlights because they provide a considerably more focused and directional beam that scatters less. These LED lights have very high lumens per watt, or the ability to illuminate more brightly while using less energy. They are always a safe bet.

Antilla & Azzaro Panel Lights

The Azzaro surface panels are designed to be easily installed on any surface. They efficiently light up their surroundings and can fit on walls, ceilings, etc, maximizing the variety of scenarios for which they are suitable.

Azzaro surface panels can be used anywhere and in any form because of their versatility and adaptability. They are also suitable for multiple settings, ranging from living rooms and bedrooms to showrooms and workplaces.

AV Modular your complete Home

Your home represents your personality, and wider open spaces that have not been defined may give the impression of a conundrum. It is important to define zones and give a home a modern touch with the use of the right LED lighting and sleek modular switch designs.

Check out the entire range of AV Modular lights and switches to give your open-plan home the modern look that it deserves.



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