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Date: March 25, 2024
Modular Switches in India: Features, Importance & Key Players

Switches are the silent heroes of our houses that add extra oomph to the interiors with comfort and functionality. Switches are wall-mounted devices that are often used to establish and break off power connections as and when needed. Previously, electrical devices were solely known for their functional value, but users have recently realized the various benefits of modular switches.

Additionally, modular electrical switches help jazz up the interior design of any living space. Furthermore, numerous electrical switch firms in India have created some of the best modular switches that best meet the needs of the consumer.

Advantages of Modular Electrical Switches in India

  • High-quality switches improve safety, which is why selecting the best switch brand in India is critical.
  • The versatility of modular switches is validated by good companies; selecting a good brand would help select the best switch.

What Features Should a Modular Switch Have?

There are a few characteristics to look for in a modular electric switch while setting up any living, industrial or workspace.

Quality: One should ensure that the switches purchased are of a high calibre. Poor quality could cause problems at home.

Price: The price of the switches will vary based on their quality, but it is important for them to get the best deal available given their budget.

Durability: If a switch is to last, it should be sturdy and made of materials that can resist daily use.

Compatibility: Verify that the modular switch is compatible with the wiring in the house.

Looks: The style of the switch is entirely up to the person’s preference; however, it must complement the interior decor of the home.

Connections: Verify that the terminal connections on the back of the item correspond to the wiring in your home.

Safety: Modular switches generally include a cut-out button and a neon light to alert users to a power failure or a connection problem.

Lighting: Some switches contain built-in illumination that can be used as night lights.

Choose the Best Modular Switch Brand in India

The best modular switch brands will provide you with a variety of features, a long lifespan, and a simple installation. There are two kinds of switches: mechanical and electrical. The switches will assist you in controlling the flow of power. The best modular switches will have a long lifespan, be corrosion-resistant, and have a variety of safety features.

The material is an important factor in determining the quality of a modular switch. Always pick materials that are both safe to use and visually appealing. Furthermore, the material should be heat resistant. This reduces the likelihood of accidents caused by circuit failure. Flame retardant materials, such as polycarbonate, are widely utilized in the best switches in India.

Over the years, the electrical equipment industry has designed a number of incredible modular switches. Even though electric modular switches have a good performance on their own, it can provide even more effective designs, if a person chooses the best modular switch brands in India.


Established in 1916, they have almost a century of experience making electrical switches. Simon is an international brand from Spain that makes the greatest modular switches in India, with a group revenue of more than 300 million euros.


Havells India Ltd, one of India’s largest producers of electrical equipment, was founded in 1958. The company manufactures the best electric switches in India, as well as excellent personal grooming goods, fans, lighting, and appliances.


Anchor began producing high-quality electrical items at a period when the unorganized sector dominated the market for the best electrical switches in India or wiring equipment.

Anchor has recently captured the attention of the masses with its broad assortment of high-quality electrical switches and accessories

To meet customer expectations, the company manufactures modular switches while focusing on three criteria: safety, quality, and pricing


Wipro North-West, a branch of Wipro Ltd., provides consumers with a cutting-edge assortment of switches, home automation, and electrical solutions. It is one of the greatest modular switch brands in India.

The North-West Company Switch, designed to provide elegance to the interior, is the perfect combination of cutting-edge technology, quality, and style.

GM Modular

GM Modular Pvt Ltd was founded in 2000 in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

The company is a consistent inventor and market leader in switches and other home electrical accessories, creating inventive items that significantly improve people’s lives.

The company makes goods that fit into people’s lives. As a result, this company is the best alternative for modular switches.

AV Modular

AV Modular is one of the leading brands in the modular switch industry. Since its inception, the brand has prioritized innovation, quality, and durability. These principles apply not only to our products but also to our services. A trusted name among both customers and trade partners, the electrician, distributor, interior designer, and architect.

These switch brands are carefully designed to last a long time and complement walls. They are intended to make an impact while also providing good performance.

The best technology is paired with sophisticated engineering to give top-tier quality, dependability, and longevity.

Regardless of performance or design, AV modular provides the most modular switch designs and variety for use in the home, workplace, and industrial spaces

Design your living spaces with elegance, safety and durability!


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