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Date: March 25, 2024
Modular vs Non-Modular Switches – Know the Difference

A switch is much more than a button used to turn on and off electrical appliances. With the advancement of time, the world has witnessed impressive development in the electrical switch sector, and as a result of the healthy competition, manufacturers are doing their best to stand out in the market by upgrading their products to the extent possible.

Today switches are an important part of living space. People value design, colour, ease of use, and aesthetics of electrical switches to ensure that they blend in with their living environment. Real estate developers, builders, and architects can make design-conscious decisions about the overall materiality and color palette of the interior.

Based on interior décor and customer user requirements, switches are categorized into modular and non-modular switches and knowing the differences between modular and non-modular switches is very crucial for a happy and a safe living space.

What are Non-Modular Switches?

Non-modular switches are the type of switches that can be found in every veteran’s home and office. They are old-designed electrical devices that are exposed to metal screws and wiring. These metal screws and wires can be seen with the naked eye, which is why there is a greater risk of mishap or electric shock. Moreover, these switches have a simpler shape and design than any modular switch.

Economically Robust Compatibility with old Electrical Wiring
Less Appealing, Time-Consuming Maintenance, Less Flexibility

What are Modular switches?

Modular switches are modern switches, that can be found in any home, office, or commercial space. They have several advantages over standard non-modular electrical switches. The main features that set them apart from traditional ones are their aesthetics and ease of use. They also provide a screwless electrical solution for trouble-free wiring.

Aesthetics, Easy to Use, Better cable management, Higher safety & Risk Free

Expensive, Less Durable

Understanding the Difference Between Modular Switches V/S Non-Modular Switches

Modular switch range offers a standardized electrical solution for easy installation and can be tailored or customized to meet your specific needs, tastes, purposes, and specifications. The safety element is one of the most important aspects of modular switches.

Non-modular switches are available in inflexible, rigid configurations that necessitate regular uniform replacements and have little or no decorative appeal. In this configuration, the circuit’s safety is jeopardized.

Modular switches are designed without cables, making installation and replacement quick and simple. The switches can be assigned different ampere ranges. A geyser, for example, requires 16 amps, whereas standard lights and fans require 5 to 10 amps.

The wiring is cluttered in the case of non-modular switches, and there is often the possibility of short circuits or other mishaps. Aside from that, non-modular switches take up more wall space than modular switches and do not have the same aesthetic appeal.

Modular switches now include MCBs (Miniature Circuit Breakers), which help in the event of an abnormal situation in the electrical network, such as an overload or a short circuit. Copper wiring is widely used because it provides the best electricity flow. As a result, this is a significant benefit for modular switch configuration. Electric shocks are common if the traditional switch box comes into contact with even a small amount of water. This is not the case with a modular switch.

AV Modular Offers the Best Modular Switches in India.

Now that you understand the difference between modular and non-modular switches, you can see why modular switches are preferred for reasons other than their appealing designs and sophisticated appearance. It is chosen for its safety. The addition of an MCB to the configuration that ensures no short circuits, for a safer auto ride.

AV Modular, a well-known, trusted, and reliable provider, offers a wide range of modular switches that are sure to brighten up your environment. Built with a heavy sense of engineering and design for everyday lifestyle, with a variety of frame options ranging from metal to wood to glass finish, to get a premium look for all your walls at an affordable price while also ensuring a hassle-free delivery.

Check out the entire range of switches and frames at AV Modular and pick the best fit for your interiors.


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